Motivation for today

Danny Meeting

Conflicts need to be enabled

Not Showing Available – in calendar

Time Clock Settings – Expert Plan

Jason to coordinate specifically with Big Fin Productions

Game to be on forefront

Branding can work

500+ in Vegas into App

300+ in Stagehands in Salt Late

X’s difficult to click on

Google Calendar Sync

Users – Click – Select Option

Head Rigger Positions scheduled

  • Cross Reference between Schedules based on User availability

Select Users

Through workflow, send invite to users

Claimable Shifts Smart

Specified Smart Group to replace – 

All jobs,

Shifts Edited only shows schedule, doesn’t 

Save button opposed to Published

Option to not send notifications

Multiple Users working on same shift

A lot of events 

Work on notification scheme for the users to be a default

Larger lists options for the screen, opposed to mobile view

Option to view more than 10 users per screen / select how many 

More responsive

Group Chat based on Job / Schedule Via

Job View – See which users are assigned to that job

Setup Stable Pricing per feature 

Yearly price and then migrate between there

Leave Notifications in place

Admin Notification control

Import Standpoint on overlapping users

A Schedule Admin to be able use Roles / Permission Nodes

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